Comparing Payment Methods in No Account Casinos


Pay and play casinos are online gambling sites where you can play games without signing up. These casinos are very simple to use. They usually have fewer ways to pay than other casinos. It’s because they don’t keep any personal details about their players.

In this article, we analyze the main payment methods at no account casinos.

Quick Comparison

TrustlyQuick, easy, and secureNot available in all countries
ZimplerInstant deposits, mobile compatibility Limited payment options
Brite PaymentsInstant payments, no intermediariesRegional restrictions
E-walletsSecure and convenientRequires you to create an account
CryptocurrencyAnonymous and secureNot as widely accepted as other payment methods

Pay and Play Casinos Payment Methods 

Below, you can find each method reviewed in detail. 

Trustly for Pay and Play Casinos

Trustly is a company from Sweden that works in financial technology. It offers a service that lets people pay for things online from their bank accounts.

When using Trustly, shoppers don’t have to give their bank details to the online store. It’s a safe and easy way to buy online things. Online stores like Trustly because it’s secure and simple for customers.

Products and services

  • Trustly’s main product is a payment service that lets you pay directly from your bank account.
  • They also have a fast refund option. With this, businesses can return money to their customers right away.
  • Trustly gives businesses useful information about how customers pay.
  • With open banking, Trustly can use bank data to make new and better payment services.

How does it work?

When you make a payment with Trustly, it takes you to your own bank’s website. There, you confirm the payment safely. Your bank account details stay private, not given to the gambling site. After you approve, the money moves from your bank to the gambling company.


  • Trustly is a safe way to pay. It uses the same security measures that banks do to keep your payments safe. 
  • You can use Trustly to pay straight from your bank account. You don’t need to type in your card details.
  • When you pay with Trustly, the money moves quickly. The payments happen right away.
  • It is a cost-effective payment method with no hidden fees or charges.

Zimpler for Pay and Play Casinos

Zimpler is a Swedish payment service that lets you pay online with your phone number. It started in 2012 and is widely used for shopping online and betting on games. Zimpler is regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen).

How does Zimpler work?

Zimpler makes paying online easy. You don’t need to enter credit card numbers or set up an account. Just use the mobile phone number linked to your Zimpler account.

When you pay, Zimpler sends a special code to your phone. You put this code on the payment page. That’s it—your payment is done.

Zimpler for Online Gambling

Zimpler is a popular way to pay on the best no account casino sites. It’s easy and safe to use for putting in and taking out money. You don’t have to give the casino your personal or bank details.

This payment method keeps your details private. When you use Zimpler, the casino doesn’t see your financial information, keeping your money safe.

Key Features of Zimpler

  • Zimpler makes paying easy and quick. You don’t need to provide many personal details or set up an account.
  • It keeps your data safe with 128-bit encryption and two-factor authentication.
  • When you pay with Zimpler, the money shows up right away.
  • Zimpler works great on phones, so you can pay easily when out and about.
  • Lots of online shops and gaming sites accept Zimpler. You can use it for many different things.

Brite for Pay and Play Casinos

Brite Payments is a company from Sweden. They make it easy and safe to pay online. With their service, you can also send money straight from your bank account. You don’t need cards, apps, or to sign up for anything.

How do Brite payments work?

Brite Payments is a service that allows you to pay directly from your bank account. It connects to your bank using special links called open banking APIs.

This way, you can make payments without using credit cards or online payment services. It’s a safer and quicker way to pay.

Brite Benefits

  • Brite Payments makes it easy to send money immediately. You can also move money to someone else’s bank account at any time.
  • This service is very safe. It uses Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). It’s a special check to make sure it’s you using your account.
  • With Brite Payments, you don’t need other companies to help you pay, so you pay less in fees and your money is more secure.
  • Using Brite Payments is simple. All you need is your bank account information. The website is easy to use.
  • Many online stores accept Brite Payments. This is especially true for stores that sell things online and sites where you can bet on games.


An e-wallet is like a digital version of your wallet that you can use on your computer or phone. It safely keeps your payment details, like credit card and debit card numbers. This way, you don’t have to type them in every time you buy something online.

E-wallets make shopping easy and safe. They are also a popular way to pay at casinos that don’t need you to create an account. Using an e-wallet, you can quickly pay and play games.


Benefits of Using E-wallets

  • E-wallets make signing up quick and easy. You don’t need to fill out long forms.
  • These online wallets are very safe. They use strong security to keep your money and details secure, just like the rules say they should.
  • You can add and take out money fast, without giving away too much personal info.
  • Lots of casinos that you can just pay and play at accept e-wallets.
  • E-wallets work great on phones and tablets.

E-wallets Types

Bank-issued e-wallets

These e-wallets are linked to your bank account. They allow you to make transactions directly from your bank balance. Examples include Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Third-party e-wallets

Third-party e-wallets operate independently of your bank account. They require you to preload funds into the wallet. Examples include PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

Cryptocurrency e-wallets

These e-wallets store and manage funds and allow to make payments using digital currencies. Examples include Coinbase Wallet or Wallet.

Considerations When Using E-wallets

  • Some e-wallets might ask you to pay extra for certain things, like sending money abroad or changing money into a different currency.
  • Not every shop online will let you use any e-wallet. Make sure the shop you want to buy from accepts the e-wallet you have.
  • Some e-wallets can’t handle every type of money. They may only work with certain currencies.
  • To keep your e-wallet safe, pick a strong password and use two-factor authentication. That’s like a second lock on your account. Also, be careful not to tell other people your e-wallet details.

Cryptocurrencies at Pay and Play Casinos

Cryptocurrencies are popular in some online casinos without accounts. They offer benefits for both the players and the casinos.


Benefits of Cryptocurrencies for No Account Casinos

  • Cryptocurrencies offer good privacy. Your personal bank details don’t get linked to your transactions. 
  • They use strong codes to keep your money safe from theft and hacking. 
  • When you pay with cryptocurrencies, the money moves fast, so you can put in and take out cash right away. 
  • You can use cryptocurrencies no matter where you are in the world.

Considerations for Using Cryptocurrencies for Pay and Play Casinos

  • Cryptocurrencies can change in price a lot. The money players put in or take out can quickly increase or decrease in value.
  • People who play games using cryptocurrencies need to know how to use digital wallets and send money.
  • The rules for using cryptocurrencies are still being written, which can affect their use in online gambling.

Final Thoughts on Pay and Play Casinos Payments

Pay and play casinos payment method depends on individual preferences and priorities. If you are looking for a fast payout, then Trustly or Zimpler casino is a good option.

If you want a more secure payment method, an e-wallet is a good option. For those looking for an anonymous payment method, cryptocurrency is the best option.

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